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non surgical rhinoplasty In Northern Virginia

non surgical rhinoplasty

Surgical rhinoplasty treatments continuously evolve since the advent of open and structured rhinoplasty procedures. However, what has been gaining many adherents for the treatment of minor nasal deformities is the so-called non-surgical rhinoplasty, performed with the injection of hyaluronic acid fillers. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is also popularly called a “liquid nose job” or more informally, a “15-minutes nose job.”

Thanks to the advanced in aesthetic medicine, non-surgical rhinoplasty is one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures performed today, namely because of the quick procedure time and results, the non-invasive nature of the procedure, and the minimal swelling that goes away after just a few weeks.

Indications for non-surgical rhinoplasty:

A non-surgical rhinoplasty focuses on the nose’s bridge, side, and tip. Fillers can be injected into any section of these regions of the nose to influence the shape and contour of the nose.

This method is effective if you want to:

  • make the tip of your nose more prominent
  • smooth out small bumps on your nose
  • lift the tip of your nose
  • Add volume to your nose

Furthermore, if you have a minor obvious indentation on the bridge of your nose, the use of fillers may hide it and smooth the profile of your nose.  However, if you want your nose to look smaller or if you want to smooth out more larger indentations and bumps, a liquid rhinoplasty will most likely not be able to offer you the results you seek.

The Advantages of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

  • As it is a non-incisional procedure, it is painless and does not harbor surgical complications.
  • It helps you gain a new profile with little touches
  • It is a practical procedure that takes about 15 minutes
  • It is possible to camouflage a hooked nose
  • The tip of the nose can be raised to some degree
  • It can correct minor imperfections remaining or arising as a result of surgical rhinoplasty
  • It can shape the bridge of the nose
  • Improve your image by correcting: nose-forehead, nose-lip, and nose-wings to tip ratios

Complications of this procedure

In the hours that follow, it is possible to see a few small bruises at the injection site that can be easily camouflaged with a foundation.

There are other possible side effects of surgery such as;

  • swelling
  • redness
  • nausea
  • filler migration (if overfilling occurs)

The nose is a delicate organ. It is highly vascularized and close to your eyes. As a result, liquid rhinoplasty is a little more difficult than other injectable filler procedures. A skilled and meticulous plastic surgeon like Dr. Alidad Arabshahi will err on the side of caution to prevent overfilling and filler migration, so as to prevent the distortion of the results.

A check-up appointment should be made 10 to 15 days later for possible retouching when any edema has completely disappeared.

Find a non-surgical rhinoplasty provider near you

It is advisable for you to find an experienced rhinoplasty-focused surgeon such as Dr. Alidad Arabshahi to schedule a consultation with prior to making an decisions about what to do to enhance the aesthetic of your nose via a procedure or surgery.  This is a critical step so that you safely obtain the results you’re looking for while minimizing the risks of side effects.

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Best non surgical rhinoplasty Surgeon

Dr. Alidad Arabshahi has years of experience in performing rhinoplasties, with hundreds of successful outcomes and happy patients. Because a rhinoplasty is an extremely challenging, complicated, and highly-individualized procedure, it should only be performed by a highly-trained, highly-experienced, board-certified medical expert. Dr. Arabshahi is board-certified Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon with a professional focused interest in performing rhinoplasties. He has the expertise and experience required to masterfully work with you to craft a beautiful nose via primary rhinoplasty.

A primary rhinoplasty is a highly-intimate, highly-individualized endeavor.  Every patient’s face and needs are different and will require a different post-surgical outcome for their nose to be in harmony with their particular face.  Dr. Arabshahi is deeply dedicated to committing the one-on-one time and attention needed for each and every patient to teach them about the rhinoplasty procedure while learning from them about exactly what outcomes they would like.  He takes a field of photographs of your face and nose and generates computer-assisted images of enhanced nose variations in order to collaboratively discover what type of nose alternations you would like or clinically require.  Together, you will preview and discuss how your post-surgical nose would look on your face.  

Dr. Arabshahi’s goal is to ensure that you are heard and understood.  To this end, he spends a large amount of time discussing and exploring ideas and possibilities with you to ensure that the actual rhinoplasty post-surgical outcome matches the envisioned outcome and is in harmony with the individual patient’s face.  

With top-rated surgical expertise and a commitment to maximizing patient convenience, Dr. Arabshahi has been granted privileges to performs surgical procedures in seven different hospital and surgical centers throughout Northern Virginia, including INOVA and Sentara Hospital Centers.  As a patient of Dr. Arabshahi’s, based on medical necessity, you may have the convenient option to choose from various high-quality facilities regarding where you would like for your primary rhinoplasty procedure to be performed.  

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About non surgical rhinoplasty

Non-surgical nose job costs may vary depending on the practitioner, the number and volume of injections that are required, and the type of nose filler used for the liquid nose job. Also, non-surgical nose job cost near you may differ based on your geographical location.

Because a non-surgical nose job is a cosmetic procedure, it is often not covered by insurance, unlike functional rhinoplasty surgery.

Call Nova Rhinoplasty today to schedule an appointment with Dr.Alidad Arabshahi and discuss if a non-surgical rhinoplasty is right for you.

For the vast majority of people, the only side effects of a non-surgical nose job are redness and sensitivity for only a couple days after the procedure.  Bruising and swelling may occur in even more rare instances.  Filler migration and nausea can occur if too much filler is used in the hands of an untrained, inexperienced provider. In extremely rare instances does a highly-trained, medically-licensed, rhinoplasty-focused surgeon’s patients suffer from complications.  It is recommended not to go to unlicensed providers for non-surgical rhinoplasties as complications such as tissue death, vascular complications, and vision impairment can occur.  

Non-surgical nose jobs are primarily done for the purpose of smoothing out small, minor indentations on the nose, slightly raising the nose tip, or creating a minimal change of the proportions of the nose.  Generally, a surgical rhinoplasty is required in order to fix a crooked nose.

The goal of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is to modify the appearance of the nose by utilizing a filler product, without performing a radical surgical change.  These fillers degrade over the course of 6 months to 3 years.  Results usually last for roughly 6 months to 1 year, though in some instances for longer periods of time.

This operation is generally less than 30 minutes and takes place in a medical office. It is done using a local anesthetic via a simple ointment or an injection. The procedure is performed without an incision and is painless. The doctor injects the filler suitable for the correction using a fine needle or a microcannula under the nasal skin, above and below the bones of the nose or the cartilages, in order to fill the hollow spaces and indentations.

The nose is a vascularized area; thus, only a true nose-focused medical expert like Dr. Alidad Arabshahi should be performing this procedure so as not to harm any blood vessels.

With small, non-radical touches, it is possible to obtain the minor aesthetic results sought after that enhance the profile of the nose.

In the hands of a trusted, highly-trained, rhinoplasty-focused surgeon such as Dr. Alidad Arabshahi, MD, non-surgical rhinoplasties are extremely safe.  Complications generally only occur when patients seek non-surgical nose jobs from unlicensed or undertrained providers.

A non-surgical rhinoplasty focuses on the nose’s bridge, side, and tip so to:

  • make the tip of your nose more prominent
  • smooth out small bumps on your nose
  • lift the tip of your nose
  • Add volume to your nose

Furthermore, if you have a minor obvious indentation on the bridge of your nose, the use of fillers may hide it and smooth the profile of your nose.  

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