Effect of Aging on Rhinoplasty

Effect of Aging on Rhinoplasty

When people consider the outcomes of plastic surgery, such as rhinoplasty, they frequently consider the short-term outcomes. However, it’s equally important to think about the long-term consequences. What are the long-term effects of rhinoplasty? For example, does a rhinoplasty nose job age well? What happens as we age is very crucial to consider when it comes to rhinoplasty. Having nose surgery, in fact, is a trigger for change as the structure of your nose is altered the moment your operation is completed.

Because your nose is so prominent, a nose job should be done in such a way that it continues to remain aesthetically balanced over time. Outstanding surgical competence is required to obtain long-term benefits. While many surgeons can perform a nose job that looks nice for the first year, creating a nose that will last over time is significantly more difficult.

Anyone thinking about getting a nose job should think about the aging effects of rhinoplasty. The early results are simply the first phase. The appearance of your nose after years and decades is crucial to your overall satisfaction with your rhinoplasty.

Changes to expect as the rhinoplasty ages?

There’s no way to predict how a person’s nose will look in years or how their rhinoplasty will age, but there are a few things that can influence it:

  • The techniques for your nose job (this is of utmost importance)
  • Your genetics
  • The thickness of your nose’s skin
  • Trauma to nose or face

The most important decision you can make to have a fantastic outcome with your rhinoplasty as it ages is to select a surgeon with lots of experience using innovative surgical procedures to reduce the dangers of undesirable aging rhinoplasty effects. Second, by making smart lifestyle choices, you can reduce your chance of some aspects of aging that might impair the appearance of your face, such as loss of elasticity or drooping skin. Limiting sun exposure as well as avoiding smoking can help.  Remember that no amount of lifestyle changes can compensate for a rhinoplasty that was not designed to last. The first surgery you have will have the greatest impact on how your nose job ages.

Why do celebrities have a failing nose job as they age?

Many of us have seen firsthand what a ‘failed’ nose job looks like. Some celebrities who had rhinoplasties in their earlier years (the 20s) and are now older occasionally have dramatic alterations in their noses. As their rhinoplasty procedures have aged, their noses have changed dramatically. What made this happen?

Rhinoplasty has traditionally been done in a “reductive” approach, meaning the surgeons use procedures to make the nose smaller. This is frequently accomplished by removing cartilage or bone. This has the advantage of allowing doctors to produce exactly what their patients desire.

Reductive rhinoplasty, however, can result in an unfavorable appearance after some time. The issue is that when surgeons reduce the size of the nose by removing cartilage or bone, they are also essentially destroying some of the nose’s structure. As a result, many of these folks who had nose jobs early on saw that their noses were collapsing over time. These alterations may take ten, fifteen, or twenty years to manifest, but they may start to collapse after just five years of reductive rhinoplasty.

How can you avoid an adverse effect of an aging rhinoplasty?

Today, it is quite fortunate that most of the procedures done are more reconstructive than reductive.  Making use of an experienced surgeon like Dr. Alidad Arabshahi for your rhinoplasty can help you maintain an aesthetically balanced nose over the years and avoid having detrimental changes occur over time.

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