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Physical Activities After Rhinoplasty

After an invasive aesthetic procedure, such as rhinoplasty surgery, it is normal to want to keep out of the gym and other physical activities, whether due to recovery or to avoid disturbing the newly operated nose. But many patients are professional athletes or simply like to play sports for fun, and they end-up being afraid to go back to sports even after their rhinoplasty recovery.

There are many factors that determine if one can go back to physical activities after rhinoplasty surgery. Highly-complex or secondary rhinoplasties that require the use rib cartilage usually require more time without exercise because the rotation movement of the chest can be uncomfortable for the patient and delay healing.

Another fact to be noted is that, depending on the physical exercise, the heart rate can increase and, thus, cause bleeding inside the nose, especially if the turbinates are operated on at the same time as the rhinoplasty.

The reason for this is that the turbinates have many vessels that are “burned” in surgery to not bleed. If the heart rate rises above 100 beats per minute, a clot can break and start bleeding.

Physical activity and rhinoplasty: what is important to know?

After rhinoplasty, it is necessary to follow some rules. It is important to wait 30 days after surgery to return to physical activity. However, if the sport you practice involves contact or use of balls, such as football or volleyball, it is often recommended that the patient wait at least two months to resume! It must be remembered that the recovery of the body after any surgery is gradual, as should be the return to sports. The pace of exercise should be less vigorous than normal, as the operated on body part is a little more fragile than usual.

When it comes to swimming, it is important that one observe a 4-6 weeks waiting period before exercising in the pool. This is because nasal infections can develop from bacteria in the pool and this can further delay healing time.

Understand more about the relationship between rhinoplasty and sports and stay on top of your recovery:

Talk to your doctor

It is worth remembering that the resumption of physical exercises must be approved by your surgeon. Under no circumstances should the patient perform physical activities with approval from his / her rhinoplasty surgeon.

What about work? In the case of rhinoplasty, calmer and more routine activities, such as returning to work, can be performed as soon as a week after the procedure, but in situations that require a lot of physical effort from the person, as in the case of physical exercises, these should be left aside until you have your surgeron’s approval so there is no threat to your postoperative recovery!

Should I get away from all exercises right after the operation?

No! Not all sports have the same recommended time off. Outdoor walking and basic yoga can often be resumed as soon as 3 weeks after rhinoplasty surgery. Other contact sports that can cause shocks and fall such as basketball, volleyball, and football, can only be practiced after 8 weeks after rhinoplasty when the bones of the nasal structures will have been recovered to a greater degree.

Returning to sports does not have to be ruled by fear, limitations, and insecurity! Gradually, and in a healthy way, it is possible to return to the practice of all sports that the patient used to do before. Follow your rhinoplasty surgeon’s expert guidance.  And if you feel any discomfort or pain while performing an exercise post-operatively, seek medical attention immediately — do not delay.


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